Bloom: a period of flowering

There are 2 perspectives to the world at this moment and our current placement in it (as a human family). One of great chaos, where everything is falling apart and driving us towards an event/s that would cause mass extinction. The other being we are currently walking into a new world, one where we begin to take accountability and begin to build a world that better serves not only humans but all living beings including earth herself.

What the studio sees is a major shift taking place. Where the human family is starting to bloom. Breaking free from a tiny box that we kept ourselves in for hundreds of years. Starting to feel our true presence and the impact we have on life itself. We are starting to become aware of a truth we can’t put into a box or put a label on. A truth that will guide us into a better place, a light that will teach us how to create a better world and better work. And rather than seeing all the negative events that have been taking place as a indication of our downfall, we see them as a mirror that is reflecting our current state of being and beliefs, that once we stop to truly take a look at and reflect onto, will be what ultimately propels us to a better serving world.

We can’t own “great” without knowing how it feels to own “bad”.

when I try
to hold onto this moment
and sculpt it to fit
the mold of my mind
to understand it and keep it by my side
is when I lose it
I then lose grip
and the eyes for truth turn blind
and become useless
for such mold of the mind
is curated by illusion,
all ideas of who I am included
like a box which holds no room for movement
... packaged and shipped
with labels, beliefs and judgements
                                                                   - Jonathan Love