At lovestoneyhill 
we are discovering, tapping into and designing a new (but old) form of technology. One that doesn't necessarily have to do with the modern material science as we know it, but rather with the science of the inner being. A spiritual science. 
This science functions at the core of what a human is and could be. It's powered by the only other thing we know to be true next to the physical, which is our inner experience /existence. For all reactions there must be a causing action, in the same way for all that is materialistically true there must be an opposing reality, an un-materialistic truth that can be considered the causing action of the materialistic truth.
This technology functions at the level of the un-materialistic truth. It inflicts feelings, thoughts & emotions that allow for the being to self-reflect, self-asses and bring their inner environment into balance, in other words; it creates an inner environment for "healing". A tool for inner transformation. 
These tools and their effects aren't the be all and end all for healing oneself (the observer). They serve as possibilities that allow for ones inner environment to be temporarily altered, to allow for steps to be taken in a higher direction for ones well-being. These tools do not require ones conscious effort to take effect, it is a process that takes place on its own depending on the observers inner-standings. What is required of one to be able to take advantage of this technology, is to remain at a constant state of betterment.  


BLOOM, 2021