We actively research, conceptualize (then realize) forms and environments that promote spirit healing. As a studio, we place our focus on creating environments and products that are highly functional beyond just the physical (while aware of it's functions or not) but also spark a sense of child like curiosity in any being observing the work, furthering the independent research for truth. Allowing the work to heal even  those who don't  entirely resonate with this form of healing technology. 
Here we have digital studies that have taken place in search of form, color and spatial possibilities. 
"Lavender" study 2020
JOYRIDESOUND® is an independent record label based in San Antonio, TX. Stoneyhill has been commisioned to create a practical, soundproof and healing environment that allows recording artist to easily enter a meditative state while creating music
"Inner Light" 2020
"Olight Study" 2020
"Untitled Form Play" 2020


"Untitled Form Play" 2020
"Untitled Form Play" 2020