Stoneyhill is a spiritually based design practice that studies, researches and applies a set of ancient healing techniques, in hopes of achieving a harmonious relationship between design, the human race, the divine, science and our mother Gaia. 
As a studio we focus on studying light, color-healing, forms, yoga and the independent search of truth to better understand how we can implement and bring these tools of transformation into our homes, shared public spaces and nature. We take the resulted information of our studies and begin conceptualizing and realizing ways to implement these findings into our society and current way of life, in forms of reading material, architectural works, home objects, art installments & sculptures to start ushering in the new way of life and the new way of thinking when creating for humanity. 
At Stoneyhill, our research topics are based on humanities current spiritual needs. We've come to the conclusion that emerging designers do have great intentions for our society but were never taught how to create infinite possibilities within their work that serves not only the human family but the all that created the all (the source).  Stoneyhill is creating the future utopian language for light, art, science and independent search of truth within our every action, if not us then who?
Color Healing
Light as Information
Independent Research of Truth
The Harmony of Spirituality and Science
Universal Peace Through Collective Action
International Design Language
Universal Education   
The Senses
As our team expands and diversifies, we'll be able to conduct deeper research and have multiple studies taking place simultaneously, allowing us to realize an abundance of physical studies that will be available for purchase or open to physical viewing in an artistic installment form.